Before the Heartbeats

So you may be wondering about things "before the heartbeats" arrived on the scene.  I'll be brief here and tell you that Mr. Perry and I met at The University of Texas at Austin over 15 years ago (yikes. . .slow down time)!  He caught my eye, swept me off my feet, and he's been my best friend for just over 13 years now.  We have to be really intentional about spending "date time" together because if not. . .well everything life (the heartbeats, work, laundry, shopping, school events,  etc.) quickly take over those treasured moments that are supposed to be shared by us.  I'm sure at some point I'll do some writing about great ideas for date night (both in and out of the home) and give a few more details on our story, but for now you have just the basics.  

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