About Me

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Hi!  I'm Brooke. . .welcome to 5 Heartbeats!  I'm a 30-something, mama, former teacher, photographer, designer, and lover of life!

This blog highlights my adventures in motherhood.  God has entrusted me with some very precious gifts!  My heart beats because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and I realize every single day that I can't take the excitement, smiles, or fun times for granted!  Trust me, there are no dull moments around here.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm looking forward to sharing what's on my heart, and hoping to spread some love and joy to your heart as you read along and accompany us on this journey.

My Heart Beats For. . .

1) God

2) Mr. Perry

3)  My Children

4) DIY projects/design

5)  books/literacy

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